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We make it simple to switch to solar!

We offer affordable and world-class solar solutions to power your home. Be it Independent Houses, Gated Communities or High Rise Buildings we make it easy right from installtion to maintenance. Residential customers can not only avail subsidy on solar rooftops but also save big in the long run via Net Metering Scheme. With simple regulations and easy finance options, solar plant for your home can installed even in a day!

Customized to meet Your electricity needs

We tailor the plant size and design to suit loads of your appliances and patterns of usage Ilios Solar Rooftop can serve as inverter for uninterruped power supply during power cuts Ilios Power can integrate solar rooftop with existing battery + inverter system You can run high loads such as Air Conditioners and refrigerators on solar power

Designed to minimize your power expenses

  Ilios unique price advantage can bring down unit cost of electricity to Rs.4
 Reduce monthly electricity bills is from 25-75%
 With a subsidy of 30%, earn monetary profits for more than 20 years
  Minimum assured performance of plant over major period of life time

Life-Time Support & Maintenance

Ilios has developed proprietory software for data acquisition and monitoring plant performance. Online dashboards with alert systems are implemented for proactive maintenance. Scheduled visits to plants are carried out to ensure quality of service and output.
Why Ilios

Trusted Brand in Solar

Ilios Power is one of India's fastest growing Solar Energy Companies in India founded by IIT alumni.

Reliability & Scale

With 55MW+ EPC, 95MW O&M, Ilios has setup residential rooftops to large scale MW plants.

Execution & Quality

Our friendly team will make sure you get the best experience from initial consultation to installation to maintenance.

Technology Innovation

Our proprietary machine learning and analytics tools helps us maintain an uptime of 99.9%.

Independent Houses

Our solar panels not only generate energy on your roof, they can also generate cash in your pocket.

Gated Communities

Invest in Solar. Build Power Plants.

High-Rise Buildings

Invest in Solar. Build Power Plants.

How it works

Switch to Solar with Ilios

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Save Money

Solar power reduces your monthly power bills from 25% to 75%! Also gain tax incentives.

Go Green

Play your part in reducing pollution and promoting green environment

Reliable Energy

Gain access to unlimited green and reliable source of energy with control on costs
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