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Solar Solutions for Businesses

Ilios Power has the experience and expertise to help your business switch to solar power. Commerical customers who can benefit from solar power are
  Educational Institutions
  Hotels & Restaurants
  Shopping Malls
  Corporate Offices

Solar Power for Commercial Buildings

Commercial Customers pay highest price per unit of electricity from the grid. Commercial segment has maximum potential for savings by adapting to solar power. Commerical Buildings can make use of idle rooftops for captive consumption of electricity. Tenants with long term lease agreements can invest in solar rooftop as an alternative to diesel generator backup. Owners with high common utility bills can invest in solar power to bring down the power bills.
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Designed for Long Term Stability and Consumption

Ilios Power treats each commercial customer as different according to their lease and ownership agreements. Ilios solar plants can be installed on a shared basis with selected occupants in building consuming power. We design custom solar rooftop plants to suit needs of groups of consumers in a commercial establishment. For capacities higher than 1 MW, Ilios Power set up solar ground mounted plants under open access.

Customized to Maximize Savings

With Ilios Solar Energy plants, your unit cost of electricity can reach as low as INR 4 Ilios Power can integrate your existing inverter + battery backup with solar energy plant You can gain from savings accrued by using less diesel during power outages With grid electricity escalating at 4% and fixed solar tarriffs, we design plants with capacity to maximize your savings

Avail Tax Benefits

Commercial customers can claim tax incentives based on accelerated depreciation From April 2017, Solar power plant asset can be depreciated at rate of 40% in first year and 40 % in second year By installing a 100kw plant at INR 55 lakhs, a commercial customer can write off tax upto INR 6 lakhs

Technology & Performance Monitoring

Ilios has developed proprietory software for data acquisition and monitoring plant performance. With analytics incorporated in plant operations and maintenance, Ilios Power has managed plant uptime of 99.9%. Online dashboards with alert systems are provided to customers for transparent monitoring.
Why Ilios

Trusted Brand in Solar

Ilios Power is one of India's fastest growing Solar Energy Companies in India founded by IIT alumni.

Reliability & Scale

With 55MW+ EPC, 95MW O&M, Ilios has setup residential rooftops to large scale MW plants.

Execution & Quality

Our friendly team will make sure you get the best experience from initial consultation to installation to maintenance.

Technology Innovation

Our proprietary machine learning and analytics tools helps us maintain an uptime of 99.9%.

How it works

Switch to Solar with Ilios

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Save Money

Solar power reduces your monthly power bills from 25% to 75%! Also gain tax incentives.

Go Green

Play your part in reducing pollution and promoting green environment

Reliable Energy

Gain access to unlimited green and reliable source of energy with control on costs
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